Private Teacher Training

Hatha Yoga Curriculum at Yoga Bean Studios, recognized by Yoga Alliance as a
Registered Yoga School.

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Private Teacher Training is the traditional way of learning yoga and understanding how to
teach it to others.  Private teacher training is an amazing experiencerong journey in your own
practice, as it gives you the one-on-one learning that is needed to become the best
instructor and practitioner of yoga available.

In depth study of postures that will include anatomical study, alignment perfection, adjustments, benefits
and cautions, modifications of posture, key phrases or notable comments to share with your students
and student’s reactions of each posture from over ten years of teaching experience.

Asana (Postures)

Pranayama (Breath Control)
Yogic breathing styles, efficacy, meaning behind breathing styles, physiological and neurological
changes caused by breathing.

Understanding its importance, its neurological and physiological changes in the body and mind, types of
meditation, its history and connectedness to yoga and life.

Understanding what is happening in the body with each posture and breath.  Knowing appropriate
adjustments and modifications, as they pertain to the muscle and skeletal anatomy.

Exploring the many philosophical ideas attached to yoga and why they are important.

Yoga as a Lifestyle
Using yoga as a lifestyle from what you eat to how you think.  Incorporating this into classes and why it is

Understanding the vocation of teaching yoga through observation, hands on adjusting and modifying,
reading and writing to understand concept and theory, and self-awareness.  You will also learn how to
start a yoga business or just start to teach a class.  Step by step help and mentorship to put you on the
path to ethical and sound yoga teaching practices.

Special Needs
If you have any special interests regarding your teacher training (you want to teach handicapped or
injured children or adults for example), we can accommodate all of your needs.  Just let us know in your
application and we will encourage specific assignments or reading materials that will meet your interest.

Teacher Training Director:  Tina LeMar

Qualifications for acceptance
In order to be considered for this training program it is essential that you come to at least one of Yoga
Bean Studios’ classes and have been practicing yoga on your own or through a class setting.  You will
also need to make an appointment with Tina LeMar, Teacher Training Director, to be interviewed either
on the phone or in person.  This is a vigorous, private, teacher-training program, with its curriculum
approved by Yoga Alliance, therefore, only very serious students will be accepted.

Employment Opportunities and Job Placement
Our training program is highly respected nationally and internationally through Yoga Alliance.

*    Graduates of our program have the opportunity to teach at Yoga Bean Studios.

*    Graduates of our program will be recommended for teaching jobs to organizations, individuals
or studios that are looking for help.

*    As a graduate, you are immediately qualified to register for Yoga Alliance certification and
begin teaching.

*    Graduates can teach privately under Yoga Bean Studios or on their own, given all the help
that they may need by Yoga Bean.

*    Graduates have the opportunity to propose and teach new classes to be held through
Yoga Bean Studios.

*    Graduates can use their voucher at any upcoming workshop that is run by Yoga Bean Studios.

*    Graduates will have the opportunity to a purchase specific yoga studio and private yoga
computer program that is personalized for your business.

The tuition for the program is $4200.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon receipt of application and acceptance into the program.
The balance owed is due by the first day of class.