Does clear food packaging make you feel healthier?

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Although transparent packaging is surprisingly hard to make, it seems to be the new way to go for big snack and food companies.

So much has to be considered by the manufacturer and packaging supply chain; food makers need to adjust recipes with visibility in mind (fruit pieces big enough to be seen in yogurt or low dust on chips and cookies), making sure the food doesn’t get cracked or crunched during travel, making sure it is heat and sun resistant, all while keeping costs down.

So why are they going through so much trouble?  Because, in surveys, people believed the food looked like it tasted better, felt less artificial and the ingredients seemed fresher- even though the recipe hadn’t changed.  Apparently clear packaging gives off an aura of being natural, something that more and more shoppers are seeking (thank goodness).  It is also used as a weapon against the competition… Coca-Cola Co.’s Simply Orange (which SO many people that I know purchase regularly) has taken a bite out of the market share of PepsiCo Inc.’s Tropicana orange juice.  Customers stated that the Simply Orange bottle seems so much fresher looking than the orange juice box we all grew up knowing.  Years later, now Tropicana comes in a clear bottle!  Crazy stuff!!!

This is a really funny story that I didn’t know…Kind Healthy Snacks (who makes snack bars and granola) sued their competitor Clif Bar & Co. for switching to transparent wrappers on their fruit and nut bars!  The suit is ongoing but Kind has already lost the preliminary injunction.

Okay people, here is the last example I am going to give to you and the absolute only reason you need to try and NEVER eat packaged foods if you can…Quaker (part of PepsiCo. if you didn’t know) put a small clear window on its new Warm & Crunchy granola to show off the granola, fruit and nut mixes.  The packaging research included making the plastic strong enough to keep the granola fresh and from poking holes through the window.  What was Quaker’s solution:  adjust the granola itself, coating the pieces with what food scientists call a “barrier” to keep them crunchy when heated!

Main ideas to come away with:

*  Just because there is transparency, doesn’t mean it’s better!
*  Definitely say NO to drugs, but also say NO to packaged foods.
*  PepsiCo. Inc. & Coca-Cola Co. are going to run the world!  So drink more water and maybe it will take longer!

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