5 Myths About Washing Your Face!

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I can honestly say that I am terrible about washing my face, and particularly in the morning.  This is why I end up taking a shower in the evening.  For one thing, I don’t want all the pollen and dirt of the day in my bed, but also because when I do go to sleep without taking a shower I don’t always wash my face!  And when I wake up in the morning I just splash cold water on my face.  That’s it. Terrible, I know…women are cringing everywhere!  I hardly ever wear makeup – even though I have hit that age where I probably need to- but one should still wash their face regardless.  Anyway, I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal that was an interesting read for me and I believe will be for you as well.  THIS IS FOR MEN AND WOMEN!

In the article I read, they actually talk about over-washing one’s face.  Most cleaners have a chemical or natural compound that helps break through the surface of the skin. The cleanser absorbs dirt and oil and removes them during rinsing.  While cleansers remove dirt and oil, they also can remove good oils, causing the skin to become dry.  Stinging, burning and irritation are all signs of the cleanser stripping the skin.  This can make a person more susceptible to pollen, pollution, and infection.

Facial cleansers topped $1.8 billion in sales last year and rising every year, so the companies selling these products are not about to tell you that washing too much is not great for your skin’s health.  These companies have now found many different and sexy ways of making washing your face more attractive, even if it is too harsh.  The result; a motorized oscillating brush. Okay, okay, I admit, I own one.  I found a deal on Groupon!  It’s one of those products that you use for a few weeks and then the novelty wears off.  I do have clients that swear by it though.

oscillating brush

Towelettes have also become very popular. Consumers like the ease and convenience of using them after the gym, after a late night out, and other times when you need a quick freshening up.  I will admit that I also use these from time to time after a visit to the gym or when I go for a run between clients.

As per the experts that were quoted in the article, I am correct in thinking that the best time to wash your face is in the evening.  HAH!  And they proclaim that you should just skip washing your face in the morning and just rinse with water!  Go me!

Did you know that about half of men wash their face solely with water?  And men that do use a cleanser usually use a regular bar of soap, shampoo, or whatever else they may find in the shower.  Yikes!  I thought I was bad…

So here are the 5 MYTHS about cleaning your face:

1)  Myth:  You should wash your face in the morning.     Truth:  Unless you have a skin condition, you only need to wash your face in the evening, before bed.

2)  Myth:  Cleansers should foam.
Truth:  While many consumers prefer foaming cleansers, they are no more effective than other cleansers. In many cases, foaming cleansers
can be too harsh.

3)  Myth:  Scrub your face when you wash it.
Truth:  No skin condition can be scrubbed away and it will only damage the skin.   Dermatologists recommend a gentle, circular motion with
your fingertips.  Does anyone actually do this?  Not me!  I scrub my face with a loofa towel.

4)  Myth:  Your face should feel tight or “squeaky clean” after cleansing.
Truth:  Any time you feel a tightness in your skin after washing you have probably used too harsh of a cleanser.  Okay this in another one that
I am guilty of doing.  I love to feel my face squeaky clean.

5)  Myth:  Rinse your face with cold water to close your pores.
Truth:  Pores do not open or close so there is no need to wash with hot and rinse with cold.  It is recommended to wash and rinse with
lukewarm water.  And again, this is something I really thought was true.  When I rinse my face in the morning it is with cold water.
And at night when I wash my face it is with hot water and a cold rinse.

Wow, I have a lot upon which to think.  And apparently I have to try and be a little nicer to my skin!  Happy cleansing.


Written by: Tina LeMar, Editor-in-Chief



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