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I love apps.  There are so many good ones out there and I use them for everything!  Today it’s all about the To-Do list!  I am a type A with ADHD. I make lists constantly but rarely check them because I haven’t found a good method to create a list that is truly affective.

I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal (Nov. 9/10) that talked all about the To-Do Apps and which ones they think are the best.

Their picks are:  – I downloaded it and I am looking at it right now. It seems pretty straight forward. If you use this app on your phone and turn the phone sideways, I find it to be a better way of using the program.  It is also very easy to have it connect to all of your other computers but you have to be willing to use Google Chrome.  If you are okay with that then it is very convenient as it will notify you when a task needs to be completed.  Also, I think the best part is that it will give you little positive nudges, such as; “make this day special” or “go make it happen.”  Lovely!

asana app


Asana  –  This one caught my eye because this word, in the yoga community, is well known to mean “posture.”  When I saw it, as the name of an app, I thought, “oh, maybe it will remind me to relax and breathe!”  It would be a great app to share with my clients, as I am always telling them to do this! Well that’s not the app’s intention but it does have a very interesting feature.  This app seams to be very effective for group, partner, or team work.  If you are in school or at work and you are working in teams or if you have a partner or employees in a business then this app can prove to be very helpful.  It really helps with collaboration and sharing of info.  *** Go to the website, as there is a system to learn.  There are tutorial videos that are very helpful.


Todoist  –  No this is NOT a misspelling.  The “L” is missing.  That’s how they spell it.  This is an app that I currently use and like very much.  It’s really easy to use and will connect very simply with all of your devices. I have it on my desktop, laptop and phone and it works smoothly.  I also appreciate the little icon that I can put on all of my desktops so that I can easily click to it.



myHomework  –  Okay- for all of you students out there, of any age, this is a great app.  I am in (another) graduate program and use this to keep track of all of my assignments.  I put it in the app, while I am in class, as soon as I get the assignment.  It is really easy and will sift through the assignments by date.  When the date is near or past the assignment will change colors and worn you.

If anyone out there has any other TO-DO LIST apps that you think are working really well for you then PLEASE SHARE!!!  We would love to hear about them!

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