Monster Drinks for Monster Men?

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I have yet to buy a “monster drink” or one of those mega caffeinated drinks.  I haven’t even tried one of the “5 Hour Energy” shots.  I think all that stuff is hoo ha!  I wrote an article the first year I started this magazine about these crazy drinks. I was polling a ton of people to see if they had ever tried them and asked their opinion.  I received some interesting responses but one of the most surprising was from the mom of a middle schooler.  She caught her son and his friends drinking two or three of these hyper-caffeine drinks in a row, then they would throw up from the jolt, then have one more and it would make them high!  Stupid!  Something else I recognized was the fact that mostly men and boys were imbibing in these types of drinks.
I came across an article recently that spoke about the fact that companies that make these full force caffeine drinks are targeting their marketing and look of their products more and more towards the male shopper.  The article talked about the fact that many more men are doing a greater share of the food shopping and meal preparation.  Out of 900 men surveyed in Chicago, 47% of them were the grocery shoppers in the house! In 2012, 31% of men across the country, between the ages of 24 to 33, were cooking all the home meals.

In my private practice I am aware of many of the men in the house doing all or most of the food shopping and at least some of the cooking.  I find it interesting that the male marketing phenomena is spreading to many different food categories, not only beverages.  For instance, Powerful Yogurt has a larger portion size, a hefty protein count and a black label.  it is directly marketed to men.

yogurt for men                          yogurt back

And General Mills has created a manlier version of their hamburger helper so it is easy but still impressive for men to prepare.Another example of a manly product I thought was interesting is the new rage of cold-brewed coffee.  Have you tried this yet?  I first saw the product in the refrigerator section of the Whole Foods I frequent.  I assumed it was one of those hug a tree, over-priced,  gimmicks that you can find all over the store. To my surprise it is apparently very popular among men.  Across the board, marketing for this product is directed at men. Some companies that are selling this cold-brewed coffee even package it with a little bit of nitrogen in it so it looks and pours like a Guinness.  In some coffee shops they serve it from a keg or tap.  Really?

cold brew coffee

So, look out guys!  Soon the prices of things that you love will be going up, just like women’s favorite products, like clothes!!!

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