Eggs…the perfect food!

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I just love eggs!  They are the perfect food.  When I was a vegan for a million years, THIS was the one thing I missed.  It wasn’t cheese or bacon like most vegans lament over,  it was the perfect egg. I can eat an egg everyday, with anything!  The only way I won’t eat one is the old English way… soft boiled! ICK!  If you really love this preparation then here is a good website to visit:  egg2

For all other egg lovers here is a great website to go to for egg recipes…

When it comes to recipes I am absolutely a cruiser but I also LOVE recipes and info from the most unexpected place… The Huffington Post!  Check it out for yourself…  They have a fantastic holiday article right now “What the hell is eggnog anyway?” among many other articles and recipes about foods!

In the November 6th issue of the Wall Street Journal they had a great article entitled, “The Hunt for a Perfect Egg.” There was some interesting information in there I thought I would share with you.

In the 1940s the average American consumed about 400 eggs a year- that’s over one egg per day!  In the 1980s it fell to half that count or an egg every other day.  Consumption of eggs have fallen consistently since the 80s until recently.  Since the “eat more protein and less carbs” boom eggs have become a cheap and easy source of protein for people watching their weight or working out.  Rocky in full force again!

rocky  Remember this part???  YUCK!

Although sales of traditional eggs is at 80%, it is falling every year to more specialty eggs, such as; cage-free, organic, omega-3, calcium, and others.  My clients are always asking me what eggs are the best to buy.  Most people think that “cage-free” are the best for the hens.  This is “not well defined nationally” for farmers so it could easily just be the farmer packing the hens in barns, where they can’t move anyway, instead of in cages.  The BEST way to buy an egg, when you have to go to a grocery store for them, is “certified organic.”  This guarantees that the chickens eat organically raised feed and have “access” to the outdoors.  It is not perfect but way better than just buying cage-free.  And if you can or have access to a chicken farm that is humane in their treatment of their livestock, that would be the ultimate place to purchase the eggs.  It is becoming easier and easier to find nowadays.  Try for farms that sell eggs near you.

Anyone ever wonder how an egg company can produce an egg with a higher omega-3 count?  Well it is all about the feed.  To increase the omega-3 in an egg, the farmer will include canola oil, flax seed, chia seeds and/or kelp into the feed.  To boost the vitamin D and B12 the feed will include marigold and alfalfa meal.  Adding calcium to an egg is the holy grail of production.  It is very tricky and many company laboratories have not yet figured out how to achieve this without all the calcium going into the shell of the egg (which is where it has been going when feed is rich in calcium).  And when there is too much calcium in the shell, it has a tendency to become very hard and difficult to crack.  Apparently, companies will receive negative feedback when the shells are “too hard” to crack!  God, we just complain about everything!  But the shell isn’t helping us get more calcium so it continues to be a challenge for companies.  My idea- when you crack open these “calcium rich” eggs, take the shells, boil them in water for 10 minutes and then make rice with that water!  Then your rice will become calcium rich!

One last tidbit I thought you might find interesting:  did you know that egg companies like Eggland’s Best have been experimenting with flavoring eggs? Eggland’s have used vanilla and other flavors to try changing the flavor of their eggs.  It worked.  But it was just too weird so they nixed the idea!  THANK GOODNESS!  Gross!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Tina! Great egg article! We keep chickens and I think their eggs are the healthiest best things around. Chickens that graze freely eat more bugs and plants and consequently the yolks are a deeper, richer color and they egg itself is more flavorful. Merry Christmas!

    • Tina R. LeMar - Editor-in-Chief says:

      Wonderful!!! Go you Sarah.
      It’s interesting sometimes companies use paprika in feed to make the yokes a deeper yellow! Terrible. I agree … if one can keep their own chickens, it’s the best of the best way to go. And it’s fun to go out and find all the eggs in the bins!

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