Nasty end of Summer to Fall Allergies

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All the little ones are on their way to school where they meet up with all sorts of allergins in and out of their school building.  There are some great natural remedies out there to help their body fight off all those nasty allergins.  One of my favorite homeopathic brands is Boiron.  If you are an East coaster, this company is local, its headquarters and where they make all of their products is in Pennsylvania.  You can buy these little blue and white tubes with tiny little white pearls in them at any health food or Whole Foods store.  Boiron has a product tube for everything.  The allergy one is called Sabadil.  It works very well and better than giving your kid Benedryl.

boiron 1This is what the tubes look like.  Arnica- as you probably know is fantastic for relieving back pain.

If your little one picks up an upper respiratory infection, which is common in the first month of school, another Boiron remedy is available called Coldcalm.  And if you haven’t met the fantastic product by Boiron called Oscillococcinum you better just run out right now and get it.  My mom used to give this to me years ago when I was a wee one with the beginnings of flu-like symptoms.

boiron 2

May the academic year be a productive and healthy one!

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