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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What a BEAUTIFUL day for a run, be it a loooong run, but still fantastic weather.  The sun was out but so was the cool breeze beckoning fall.  The perfect day to be outside.  It just so happened that it was also the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon!  It was my second try at a half marathon.  The first was last year, October, in Bethlehem, PA with LOTS of hills, but equally as beautiful a day and location.

My client and friend Kim and two other friends all set out to Philly on Saturday night.  We met at the Sheraton in Center City, only a few blocks from the race start, and then off we went for the quintessential pasta dinner.  The restaurant was La Viola on 17th.  WOW, if you want really good homemade pasta- that is your place.  We had a fantastic dinner and then headed back to the hotel to get ourselves ready for the following day’s race.  I have to stop here and define the word “race.”  For the girls I was bunking with it was a race.  For me it was an event.  I’m way too slow for the half marathon to be a race…I haven’t been running that long!  For me it’s about running 13.1 miles without stopping or dying!  Anyway, we got all of our stuff ready, showed each other our race day outfits (mostly suited by Lululemon!!!  LOVE IT!), gabbed, and eventually fell asleep.

Face day!  We woke up at 6:30am and, amazingly enough, four girls were out the door at 7:30 for a race that was to start at 8am sharp (this is what is fantastic about staying at a hotel that is super close to the starting line!).  The race boasts about 23,000 runners.  It’s quite a site in the morning.  On our short walk I looked around and started thinking, “look at all of these people that trained for months to run this race, amazing.”  It was true.  Most people train for at least three months to run a half marathon.  I am not one of those people, but most people are good about their training!  I probably ran a total of ten times before the race and only about four of those times was a maximum of six miles.  Let’s not go there, that’s a story for another blog about procrastination!  The only difference between this half and my first in Bethlehem, in terms of my training, was that I participated in a lot of kick boxing  and step classes at my gym before this race.  I think it definitely helped, as this race I actually ran the entire thing without stopping and without too much pain.  That’s very impressive for me!

One of the things that was very new to me about this huge race was the concept of organizing people into corrals.  I wasn’t familiar with this so when I first registered for the race, they asked me what my average time is for a half marathon.  I put a terrible time down because I wanted to be able to beat that- not thinking that it coordinated with what corral to which I would be placed.  So, needless to say, I was in corral 23 out of 24!  My friends were in corral 5!  I felt as though I would have no motivation that far back so I “illegally” moved myself up to corral 14.  I actually think a lot of people do that.  As my corral finally made it to the starting line I stopped and looked to my left to see that the first three corrals were lapping us and had already completed 1/3 of the race!  UGH! Not the most motivating thing to see.  But the shot went off and our corral took off.

The race was long (and flat- thank God!) but very beautiful and a lot of fun, with bands all along the route.  I got to see the city at many different vantage points and felt honored and blessed that my body allowed me to run such a race on such a glorious day.  I kept a slow but steady pace the entire time and had enough energy to sprint the last half mile!  Go me!

All in all, a very fun day.  I have signed up for the 2014 race.  The girls and I are making it a tradition.  I couldn’t be luckier!

Stay tuned…in just six short weeks I will be “racing” in the Los Angeles Rock n Roll Half Marathon!  I hope that race goes well too!


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