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It’s a quiet summer for me.I have lots of yoga and organizing of people’s body, mind, and home but I try to make it a point to get back to nature. I enjoy the beach like everyone who lives in New Jersey but for the sound of the ocean and people laughing and enjoying themselves. I’m not at all fond of the heat, laying out, sand, hmmm what else. Haha. On occasion I go to the beach near me and chillax for a couple of hours. I go during the week so the beach is way less crowded. It helps one take in the experience of how little we are and how strong nature is comparatively. I love swimming in the salt water (it’s so good for you!) and my hair and skin never look better than after a few hours at the beach. I’m always amazed by it. But I still have to say I would much rather be floating down a river in a canoe or kayak or swimming in a crisp brook/stream after a long hike. I love the trees around me. They give me strength. It’s as if I am in a Lord of the Rings movie, among the Ents. What can be better and more grounding. I treasure my time spent on a river or camping or even just sitting in nature and meditating. It is my strongest connection.

I have been trying for years now to find a new spot, void of people and mosquitoes, to sit- near a brook- and meditate. I did this exact activity every day when I lived in Phoenixville, PA many years ago. I received not only my deepest connection to nature but an incredible sense of calm, clarity, and direction while meditating. These are just some of the vast benefits of meditating everyday.

I know you are sitting there thinking “I can’t meditate, I can’t sit still that long, or I don’t know how to do it.” Well stop that train of thought right now because it is easy to learn how to meditate and perfect it. It just takes a lot of practice.

Here is the checklist for meditation:

Sit in a location with minimal to no distractions.
Close your eyes and breathe in and out of your nose.
Count your breath. The same amount of seconds you inhale is the same amount of seconds you exhale through your nose.
Focus your mind on your breathing and counting. If your mind wanders just catch yourself losing focus and go back to counting the breath.
Do this over and over until your mind finally stops pulling itself in extraneous directions of thought. This isn’t easy in the beginning but it works 100% of the time.

I have given you a very basic idea of how to meditate without getting into too much detail. Now get away from the computer, stop reading this blog, and try it out. You can even set your phone’s stop watch for 5 minutes. It’s a great way to start and have a goal for finishing.

Good luck! And keep it chill!


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  1. Jen Robinson says:

    I’ve been looking forward to a new post from you on the website for months. I always enjoy reading your tips for a healthier self and sharing your love for nature. I still can’t meditate, but I’ll keep trying! An older article you wrote about honey got me hooked on a honey-eating-spree for the last several months.
    Your old friend,
    Tapz (Jen)

  2. Tina R. LeMar - Editor-in-Chief says:

    Thanks Tapz!!!
    Keep checking in…I am pushing myself to write much more.

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