A Year in the Life of a Yoga Instructor — By on March 6, 2012 11:55 AM

I haven’t had laryngitis in such a long time!  In elementary school, while riding the big yellow school bus and sitting with my best friend Miriam,  I noticed that she had the coolest raspy voice.  Little did I know she had laryngitis. It didnt matter.  I wanted that voice too. It seemed like fun. So what did I do?  I asked her to cough on me!  And you will be amazed to know, it worked!   A week later I had it and loved the sound my voice made. Demi Moore was popular then and she always sounded like that to me. Life was so simple and silly.  I embraced the fun change of my voice.

It’s light years from that day on the bus with my friend but here I am again with laryngitis. I have to admit I still think the sound of my voice is silly and fun but now it’s a little bit more annoying because, as you can imagine, teaching yoga with this raspy, broken voice is not easy. But I’m still having fun not talking very much at all  and having everyone just follow me in each posture.

My body and throat will welcome the 70 degree weather here on the East coast on Thursday!  Until then, stay healthy!

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