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I haven’t had laryngitis in such a long time!  In elementary school, while riding the big yellow school bus and sitting with my best friend Miriam,  I noticed that she had the coolest raspy voice.  Little did I know she had laryngitis. It didnt matter.  I wanted that voice too. It seemed like fun. So [&hellip


I’m in a traffic jam this morning but prior to the big slowdown, while driving about 60 miles per hour, the guy in the car next to me is reading a book while driving. That’s talent

The Big Waste

The Big Waste

I just saw the best special on Food Network channel on cable. Four chefs have to make a four course dinner for 100 people made completely out of food that was thrown out because it wasn’t up to consumers standards.  Check out the website below to catch the other times it will be aired. Honeybrook [&hellip