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One of my holiday traditions is to go to the potter’s guild sale at the Wallingford Arts Center in Media, PA. It’s such a beautiful and creative mix of pottery, handcrafts, jewelry and more. I always buy a few more items each year from the same potters that I love so that I can one day have an entire set of unique handmade dinnerware. Im almost there.

Earlier today I got into a conversation with one of the artists about why it feels so much better to eat off of handmade pottery. I think the most important reason I could come up with is that it reminds you to be mindful as you eat. Mindful of the animal that gave their life, the farmers that put so much labor into all those veggies on your plate, the potter that made the beautiful plate or bowl or glass and most importantly, all the adults and children that may not have a meal that day. It reminds me not to waste food; to only cook what I can consume. It reminds me to give to soup kitchens and organizations that feed people in need. It reminds me that I’m not the only one in this world. That I am a part of something big and beautiful and that if you act locally it will help globally.

Remember the needy this holiday season.

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