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A Year in the Life of a Yoga Instructor — By on November 29, 2011 12:02 PM

Did anyone see this on Sunday about homeless families? Damn. It tore me up. I sat there on my comfortable leather couch with my colorful throw pillows and a really warm plush blanket over me and thought, “holy crap! My life is a dream compared to what is going on all over the United States. And worst of all, to children.” There were kids living in the back seat of their parents car with their two dogs, a cat, and the parents in front. There was a dad and his two children (their mom died) living in a truck the dad bought with his last $1,000 dollars. There were so many families living in cars while the dad sits watch outside all night to make sure everyone is safe. What the hell is going on?

We have to be so grateful and thankful for everything we have and try in every way we can to give back. I’m loving that on livingsocial.com and groupon.com they have ways of donating that is affordable to all. Give food to soup kitchens, give toys to organizations that are collecting, adopt a family in your area. Do just one thing this year that gives to someone in need. It’s so important.

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