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A Beautiful Soul

Last night a beautiful soul that had just graduated out of the drug and alcohol rehab I teach yoga at overdosed. He was supposed to go to a half way house. He never made it. To this loving and wonderful soul…rest in peace my friend. It never gets easier. Sometimes work sucks

60 Minutes on Sunday

Did anyone see this on Sunday about homeless families? Damn. It tore me up. I sat there on my comfortable leather couch with my colorful throw pillows and a really warm plush blanket over me and thought, “holy crap! My life is a dream compared to what is going on all over the United States. [&hellip

Yoga Instructors get Depressed too.

Yoga Instructors get Depressed too.

  Oh it’s one of those days, weeks maybe, when it feels like I cant get anything done and I feel totally unproductive.  Im actually getting things done but it’s just not feeling like it because nothing feels accomplished.  Maybe it’s that holiday blah that people get once in a while.  Maybe it’s that I [&hellip