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I just recently saw that movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson.  And I was taken!  The premise is essentially that a former spy (Liam Neeson) uses his skills to help rescue his daughter who was kidnapped and forced into a slave trade ring.  There are some silly parts and some really good parts but it’s the sections of the movie that show the slave trading that had me speechless.  It’s unsettling, as a female, too anyone I would hope.  There is a scene in the movie where Neeson gets very close to finding his daughter when he goes looking for her in this remote area of some middle eastern country, I cant remember where, and ends up in line with several men, waiting for a number.  As he reaches the front of the line the worker hands Neeson a piece of old worn cardboard with the number 4 on it.  The cardboard is very smooth and dirty, as though hundreds of sweaty, filthy hands had been holding it.  The number four was almost worn off from all the wear and tear on this little somewhat square piece of cardboard.  It looked as though it had been ripped down from a larger board to make several of these little chips of cardboard.  I looked at it, I looked at the number, I didnt understand what it meant.  How naive I am, living in a very nice neighborhood in America, a roof over my head, spoiled by electronics, food, fresh laundry, and running water.  How naive I was as I followed Neeson in the movie into a tunnel of bed sheets hanging from rope on either side of him.  Each bed sheet was numbered.  Neeson and I were looking for number 4 with great anxiety.  We both didnt understand what we would find.  What depths of humanity we would find behind the dirty sheet that looked as though it had been hanging there for years.  It barely covered the opening to whatever was behind it.  It had met its share of rain, winds, dirt, and human filth. 

Number 4.

Neeson and I found it.  The sheet marked number 4.  He threw open the sheet as both our pair of eyes enlarged to be sure to take in exactly everything we could see behind the filthy sheet.  We looked, in horror, at a young, beautiful girl, naked under more filthy sheets, completely drugged out of her mind, sweating and chained to a pipe that separated this “room” from the next.  This was a slave ring.  Where men come to have sex with a young woman that cant even see what is in front of her because she has so many drugs pumping through her system.  They come to a young woman who is just trying to stay alive or maybe even praying to die.  This is a slave ring!  I sat upright on my couch.  I pushed the hair out of my face.  I felt for this lovely young woman.  I wanted to save her.  I wanted to be strong for her and for all woman and girls out there who have been taken advantage of physically and mentally.  I wanted to do something about it.  But was this just an embellished movie scene?  Was I getting myself all worked up from something that doesn’t exist?  I needed to find out.  To get more information about any possible slave trade rings anywhere.  It’s unimaginable in my mind. 

Then I started Googling.  I found hundreds of sites of slave trade rings with victims being both boys and young woman and girls.  Not only did I find hundreds of results online but I found many sex slave rings that are/were happening right here in the United States.  Young women and men being lured in by individuals dressed up in nice clothes, promising them high paying jobs.  Unfortunately it seems as though it is happening a lot to poor people in this country that tend to believe in any lead they can find that will help them provide for their family.  I saw many examples on news sites from 2011.  It’s a problem happening right now.  Some sites showed pictures of the filthy and disgusting sheds and horse stables where the victims were kept.  I am beside myself.

http://www.unesco.org is an organization that is supposed to be helping to cease sex slave rings around the world, among a plethora of other issues that they deal with on a daily basis.  Check it out and see what you thing. 

If you are up to it, here are some of the websites and videos I found online by searching “sex slave ring” on Google.  It’s important to be aware of these things going on in the world and hopefully we can do our part to help by donating or simply having a neighborhood watch.

This CNN website has a lot of information on it and a video on the home page:

This is the main home page for the CNN site:

Huffington Post- US Sex Slave Ring

Since 2003, when the FBI and the Justice Department launched the Innocence Lost National Initiative, about 1,250 child prostitutes have been located and removed from prostitution.

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