Those Curvy Sneakers

Product Reviews — By on July 18, 2011 10:56 AM

I recently purchased a really cheap pair of those curved workout sneakers (Sketchers Shape-ups) that are supposed to tighten up your butt and define your leg muscles.  Honestly, when I looked at them a while back, when they first hit the market, they were so expensive (approx. $50 or more), although running shoes are double the price!  But this is different.  These sneakers are novelty sneakers.  They are not for hard core running.

Anyway, I found my shape-ups on a sale rack for only $17.00 so I took the plunge.  I decided two weeks ago to put them on instead of my regular sneakers when I am walking my puppies or doing anything that requires me to be on my feet for a while.  I wanted to see how they would fair with all types of terrain and speeds. 

I can say, with a bit of surprise, that they are extremely comfortable and you get amazing amounts of cushion under your foot so they are very supportive in that way- easier on the knees, ankles and feet.  I had a bit more spring in my step and felt more muscles engage when walking. 

On the other hand, I did feel the need to focus on my step, keeping my feet very flat in the sneaker when walking to help with wobbling from side to side.  It’s not a distinct wobble but I could feel that it might be easy to wiggle a little from side to side while walking if you are not paying attention.  Therefore, I would NOT recommend running in these sneakers.  There is too much of a chance to twist your ankle.  But deliberately walking and keeping your feet firmly planted in the sneaker is just fine. 

I’ll let you know how my butt looks in a few months!  haha

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  1. Tina LeMar says:

    Ok – here is an update about the sneakers. They are fine if you are walking on a flat, hard surface. If you are walking in the park on a path, for instance- like I did today with the puppies, you could easily sprain your ankle (like I almost did) if the ground is not completely even. Only walk with them on the road or sidewalk.

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