Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags

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I happened to stumble across these reusable sandwich and snack bags a littlewhile back and decided to try them out.  I am so sick of using ziplock bags and plastic wrap and even wax paper to keep my food neat and safe until I am ready to eat.  I drive A LOT.  I eat, some days, all three meals in my car! The minimum I will do everyday is pack breakfast and lunch.  So you can imagine the amount of plastic that gets wasted in one year, just by me.  I had enough.  I needed to find something, other than bulky tupperware, to house my goodies, sandwiches, fruit, and everything else I pack for the day.  I googled “reusable sandwich bags” and to my surprise and delight website came up in the listings.  I clicked and bought a few sandwich bags and a few snack bags in super fun colors and patterns – like the one above. 

The first big test would come when I packed my lunch, using these bags, to see how they would hold up in the hot, nasty climate of the interior of a car, out in the sun, in an open parking lot.  To my amazement they held up extremely well.  I had a sectioned orange in one of the snack bags (they haveplastic liners) and the orange wasn’t even hot- still room temperature.  My sandwich also did very well.  It wasn’t soggy or stuck together.  When I took it out of the bag it was still very fresh looking.

The second test was washing them!  I was nervous at first to even put them into the washing machine. There is nothing to be nervous about, just turn them inside out and throw them in with towels.  They do very well in the washing machine on any heat level and then I just let them air dry.  It’s so easy.
I have used and washed them multiple times now, just to see how they continue to hold up, and they still look brand new.

So if you travel a lot or pack your lunch everyday, why don’t you try these reusable sandwich bags.  I think you will like them, I sure did!

***  Buy the largest size sandwich bag they have if you make sandwiches that are stuffed.  You will need the extra space.  is the link.  Go to the “LUNCH” section and you will see the one pictured here and many more.  Have fun and thanks for helping the environment!

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