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Cough, Cough, Cough.

I have the remnants of bronchitis that was supposed to have disappeared a day or two ago with the help of a very strong antibiotic, Zithromaz (otherwise known as the ZPAK).  Instead, I am left with constant coughing, sniffling, blowing of my nose, heavy breathing…hmm, what else?  I have completely disregarded the measuring of Robitussin [&hellip


I am sitting here in my office away from home- Panera, in Springfield, PA.  I have a little time between classes so I can get some paperwork done.  I do things like answer my emails, research, write, make phone calls and anything else that I have been putting off.  It makes me feel accomplished to [&hellip


Lord knows I need it and I finally have some!!!  YEAH!!!  Just hired an assistant to help me with all of the crap that is very important -yet- I can never remember to do on a daily basis.  SHE IS AMAZING!!!  I feel like I have a ton more space in my brain to work [&hellip