Why Vampires should drink cod liver oil or take vitamin supplements.

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With the release of –  the latest film in the “Twilight” Series : “Eclipse,” many people are thinking of vampires. Some of the more analytical people may be worried about the health of vampires.  They may be asking if a vampire can truly obtain all the required vitamins and nutrients from a diet which consists solely of blood. To be more specific, the protagonist vampires in the film seem to have adapted their diets to include only animal blood as their nutrition source.  The series author suggests that this is the choice of the nice vampires to spare their human friends some anxiety.

This elective choice may put these vampires at a disadvantage versus regular vampires. It is possible that regular vampires are receiving adequate amounts of Vitamin D, however there are no good studies to prove this. Of course there is no RDA or government suggested daily intake of Vitamin D for vampires, however there is for humans and the value can be can extrapolated.

The previous recommendation for Vitamin D was 200 International Units (IU) per day. Now several sources have doubled that amount to 400 IU per day. The Vitamin D council, which consists of several people, including some medical professionals, has suggested that based on available research, the minimal amount of Vitamin D needed by “most” adults is 1000 IU per day. They say “most” because basically all of the Vitamin D that we obtain is via UV radiation from the sun. If you don’t go in the sun then your Vitamin D requirement is much greater. Since Vitamin D is very difficult to obtain from animal or plant sources, and it being a required vitamin, God has thoughtfully given our skin the ability to convert inactive Vitamin D to active Vitamin D during exposure to sunlight. As far as we know, animals can’t do this.

The sunlight requirement brings us back to our vampire friends, who avoid sunlight at all costs because it will destroy them. They are between a rock and a hard place because they cannot transform inactive Vitamin D to active Vitamin D. If we were to perform routine blood work on vampires we might find that their serum levels of 25 Hydroxy (what’s hydroxy?) Vitamin D ( The measurable form of Vitamin D in blood.) would be way below the 30 micrograms per milliliter value which is considered optimal by the National Institutes of Health. And further below the 50 to 80 micrograms per ml value that the Council on Vitamin D recommends.

Some of you might be thinking, well maybe vampires drink milk and that’s their source of Vitamin D. A vampire would need to drink about 50 glasses of milk per day in order to obtain a sustainable amount of Vitamin D.

As I mentioned previously, Vitamin D is an important compound and without it our body’s calcium levels fall. If we have too little calcium it can affect our muscles and our nerve transmission to muscles. This may be why in some older films vampires have very shaky arms when they are in attack mode.

Unfortunately, vampires can’t enjoy direct sunlight, but we can. All we need is about 5 to15 minutes of direct sunlight three times per week in order to activate our Vitamin D.   What could be more  simple?

If we could not partake in direct sunlight, like a vampire, the next best thing would be to take a Vitamin D supplement of between 400 IU and 1000 IU per day or drink some cod liver oil (Yuk! Do they still make that stuff?). One tablespoon of cod liver oil has about 1300 IU of Vitamin D. If cod liver oil does not sound appealing, one can eat 3 oz of cooked Sockeye Salmon, which would provide about 800 IU of Vitamin D.

Who would have thought that vampires, Vitamin D and Cod liver oil were all connected?

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