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Oh how my life has changed since I began sharing my days with you.

I am a cat person.  Well actually, I consider myself an animal person.  I love all animals big and small and most insects as well, except mosquitoes.  Oh birds and fish too.  Well let’s just leave it at anything living.  I love all living things (and most people!).  But sharing your living space with all of these living things creates quite a challenge.  I have lived with people, cats, ferrets, turtles, mice, fish, hermit crabs, birds, toads, crickets (for the toads), and I am sure there are other living things I am forgetting.  The most recent addition to this list is puppies.  Two to be exact.  Their names are Johnny and Elsie.  Out of a litter of six puppies the last two, that literally came out 16 hours later then the first four, were the two I live with and those whom I share my life.  They were named specifically because of their tardy birth appearance (Johnny- come lately, and Elsie – really L.C. but we spell it phonetically- Late Comer).

They have been a part of my life now for almost four months.  It seems like a lifetime actually, considering all that needs to be done when you have puppies.  Okay, for all you dog people out there, I’m going to spell it out simply- I have never lived with dogs and now I live with two puppies!  And they are English Springer Spaniels that have LOTS of energy and love to run and do that play fighting thing that is so very loud.

The first week the puppies were home with us I think I cried everyday!  I realized, after the second day they were in my house, why I chose a profession like- yoga instructor.  It’s the serenity and quiet that you attain from meditation and in one’s mind.  I like to blather on about things, as most of my friends and family know, but I also love silence.  When I lived alone- for years- I was one of those people that could spend the whole weekend home, without ever turning on the TV or radio.  I loved that option of silence and stillness.  That beautifully, relaxing experience of total quiet bliss has been obliterated ever since those puppies first set foot into my house!  They are rambunctious, they play fight with each other, and me on occasion (I think they think I’m a puppy!), and they are very, very needy because they are like babies.  They need to constantly be watched and fed and they need to go out and pee all the time and they play and sleep, play and sleep all day long.  Wow!  I can say – thank God they don’t bark!  That would have put me over the edge!  I would have gladly bought a hotel room until they were two years old.

But I found out the other part of owning a puppy, they are companions that love you unconditionally (well, unless you clean their ears!).  Cats do too but in a very different way.  I have always loved having cats because they are very independent and love you when they want to love you.  I appreciate the space and the quiet so I always felt them to be wonderful companions and I always will.  But dogs force themselves into your life and force you to love and nurture them.  Their faces, their bubbly personalities, their long, needed walks that allow you to be surrounded by nature, watching them run and seeing their ears flap in the wind, watching how excited they get when they hear my car pull into the driveway.  All of those things, and much more, force one to become more acquainted with this new animal- with all new and different thoughts and ways of showing how they express what they are thinking.

So I am learning, day by day, what it is to be a “dog person.”  I enjoy my days with them now and worry about their safely and how they are feeling.  I spend ridiculous amounts of money on things like big huge pillows and squeaking ducks so they are comfortable and happy in their new home.  And I kiss and hug them every time I see them and, to my own astonishment, don’t even notice as much when they are running over me or pushing me off the couch when they are play fighting.  Life has truly changed!

Oh, and the cats are doing very well with the puppies now.  They have their own space that they can retreat too but they like to see what’s going on with the new, crazy, big and fuzzy things that are making a racket in their house.  I think it entertains them as well.

I bark in your general direction.


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    I can so totally relate to this article!!! :O)

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    Admiring the dedication you put into your blog and detailed information you provide.

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