Technology and the Yoga Instructor

A Year in the Life of a Yoga Instructor — By on September 21, 2010 3:58 PM

As a yoga instructor and owning your own business it becomes quite overwhelming to keep up with all this crazy technology that we have at our fingertips!  There is so much to learn, to become good at, and to use to help increase business and awareness.  I have been to many, many workshops on all of the new and exciting applications that are available and I am trying, little by little, to get a handle on it all.  Between twitter, facebook, blogging, websites, linking everything together and keeping everything current I have no time to pee!  How does anyone find the time to do all of this? I think I need to hire a high school student!  Anyone know anyone that is a wiz at the new technology of social networking?

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  1. Nici says:

    If you find someone, let me know – we can share!! I can’t seem to make a dent in all I need to do with Alex’s business, plus be a mom and take are of the house… well, you can scratch the house chores off, it’s a diaster here.

  2. Nici says:

    Disaster… wish there was spell check…

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