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Eat This, Not That — By on July 18, 2010 2:44 PM

If you don’t want to spend all of your money buying organic food, what are the best produce choices to make?

The DIRTIEST Fruits!

The top six fruits that you should definitely buy organic are:

1)    Peaches- they have the highest pesticide quantity of any fruit or vegetable.

2)    Apples- second most pesticide-ridden fruit

3)    Strawberries- full of pesticides (organic ones taste SO much better anyway!)

4)    Pears- dirty, dirty, dirty

5)    Grapes- lots of little ways to get pesticides into your system

6)    Oranges- not terrible but organic is a better choice here too.

The top three fruits that you can buy right from your local (pesticide-ridden) food market:

1)    Blueberries- they are relatively safe

2)    Bananas- in the top 10 cleanest fruits

3)    Pineapples- fourth cleanest fruit!

*Just a reminder-these are all fresh, not canned.

One of the main reasons to eat organic, if not because it tastes much better, is because it is better for the earth.  Organics must be grown with methods that promote biodiversity, minimize pollution, and use cultural, biological and mechanical methods of agriculture in place of synthetic materials.  These methods actually improve the soil.

One of the best ways to buy organic is LOCALLY!  Get help finding a farmer’s market or CSA below:

Find a farmer’s market in your area at:

Or join a CSA (Community Supported Agricultural Farm) at:


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