Be Aware of What We Do To The Planet

Green Living — By on July 18, 2010 2:44 PM

Two million plastic beverage bottles are used in the US every five minutes.

Since their introduction, trillions of plastic bags have been consumed. Add to this huge sum all the disposable paper bags used globally, and the numbers get even more staggering.

A primary cause of ocean pollution is plastic. The world uses one million plastic bags per minute. A plastic bag is used an average of 12 minutes and takes an estimated 1,000 years to decompose. Many sink – some parts of the deep ocean are so covered with plastic bags that scientists can’t even find the bottom. Nothing lives under these bags.

Landfills are the largest human-made methane source in the United States. Methane is produced as trash decomposes. When released into the air, it is a greenhouse gas and contributes to local smog conditions.–united-states.html

Solar energy is one of the most popular and most accessible forms of renewable energy on the planet. One problem with the power, however, is the cost of acquiring the tools necessary to use it. Silicon is the material which subsequently causes solar power to be so expensive to come by.

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