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Website continued

Hello all… Well the website, as far as the webdesigner is concerned, is complete.  Now it’s my turn to get it all updated and organized properly.  The website is As most websites are going, it is more of a blog instead of a traditional website, but that apparently is the new trend.  ANyone have [&hellip


I am the WORST at keeping receipts for my business.  *Should I really be saying that in a public forum so the IRA can read this!*  Well I’m not terrible but I lose out on a lot of things I can write off that I pay in cash, like lunches or car washes, etc.  One [&hellip

Website Madness

Well folks, it’s my big meeting with my website designer to wrap all of the odds and ends up before the website goes live to everyone.  It’s already live but I want to get it looking great before I actually tell everyone to go and look at it for themselves.  It’s more of a blog [&hellip


I finally got my magazine out (Yoga Bean Magazine).  It’s not even that long but I have been putting off sending it because it was supposed to go out with my NEW website.  It’s a long story but the FINAL meeting with the website designer will be Tuesday, tomorrow!  AHHHH!  You cant imagine the relief [&hellip

The Psychology of Yoga Instructors

It happens frequently and in a public setting.  It can be provocative and alluring.  It can be self-deprecating and embarrassing.  What is it?  A yoga instructor giving a “life” lecture.  Yoga instructors sometimes give lectures before class or during class or as a workshop about yoga philosophy to help deepen one’s practice.  This entails conversations [&hellip

One Thing Always Leads to Another

Meaning:  I lose a client to scheduling issues or they are moving or they just lost their job and somehow I gain another.  I feel incredibly blessed and at the same time so sad to lose any of my clients.  I teach a lot of private yoga classes and withthose  clients for years, watching their [&hellip