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So much to say…

The last time I blogged was the 14th!  SAD!  Well, lots going and not going on. I went to my annual Yoga Unites For Living Beyong Breast Cancer Expo and Yoga Class on my birthday.  What a wonderful day.  The sun was shining, there were over 1,000 people in attendance!  It was amazing.  My goal was [&hellip

It’s a busy weekend.

Hey there everyone. What a busy weekend I have.  This is my birthday weekend (May 16th, Sunday is my actual bday).  I used to never celebrate my birthday, or didnt want to, but now I love to celebreate.  It’s an excuse to dress up and have fun with friends or to pamper yourself.  The itinerary: [&hellip

It’s Almost Summer!

Everyone is bustling around, so busy during the months of May and June.  And everyone’s yoga practice gets put on hold.  People cancel on me left and right but eventually they feel guilty and their body feels awful so they reschedule and get back on track.  It’s all of these transitional days, that correspond with [&hellip


I have terrible allergies to “stuff” outside.  I need to get tested again.  The first tests I took, back in undergrad, were all negative.  Now it’s a totally different story.  Every early Spring and Fall I can’t breathe.  This go around had me to the point of a sinus infection and then bronchitis.  TERRIBLE!  It’s [&hellip

NPR – National Public Radio

I drive A LOT all week.  Let’s put it this way, in four years my car will have approximately 130,000 miles on it!  For anyone that isn’t good in math- that’s 32.5 thousand miles per year!  Yikes!  I have a Subaru Imprezza- get one.  They just keep going without many issues (I am knocking on wood right about [&hellip