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Sometimes there is sadness

The past two weeks have been stitched with sadness among the daily tapestries of my yoga classes.  A long time student of mine and a trusted friend’s mom died at the beginning of April.  I didnt find out until a week later because there was a lot to think about and try and understand in [&hellip

TAXES!!! The evil, evil word.

It was just that time of year folks…for some of you business owners it is STILL that time of year for another three months with extensions!  Not for me.  I gotta get that crap done and out of the way by April 15 or I will implode.  I dread it because I never pay enough in [&hellip

Here again at Panera…

It’s Friday—ahhhhh.  I am here getting my MAGAZINE WRITTEN!!! – that is very late- while I wait for an event this evening. Last weekend was a lot of fun.  Had a wedding to go to on Sunday (congrats Priscilla and Lindsey) and a concert on Friday night of DEVA PREMAL, MITEN and the famous KRISHNA [&hellip


It’s my home office away from home.  When I have some time between classes- which I usually dont have (again, I am very blessed to be busy)- I go to Panera, get a coffee (decaf with soy milk of course), and get some work done on my cute little MSI Wind Netbook.  This little laptop [&hellip

The Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat this past weekend

Hey everyone. It’s already Tuesday and I haven’t written about the day retreat I went on at the Khalsa Yoga Center in Yardley. I had never been to this center but it was pretty much what I expected, considering I met the founder of it at a healthy living expo.  He was dressed in Indian [&hellip


Tomorrow I go on a meditation retreat at Khalsa Yoga Center in Yardley, PA from 11am to 3pm for continuing education.  Little one or two day retreats are always a great way to get yourself back to your individual practice- even for a yoga instructor.  At this retreat, from 10am- 12noon there is chanting (not [&hellip

What a Weekend!

It’s been a while since I had a WONDERFUL vacation.  One of those vacations where you can look back on it and just keep saying to yourself, “wow, what a great vacation.”  I just had one of those vacations last weekend with Russ.  We went to Bedford Springs Resort, Spa and Golf Course in Bedford, [&hellip