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A Year in the Life of a Yoga Instructor — By on March 16, 2010 2:59 AM

I had two private yoga cancellations today which made my day a little lighter than usual.  I actually got a chance to go shopping and buy some stuff that I have been meaning to buy but had no time to throughout my busy days.  As always, there were other things I could or should have been doing but once in a while you just need to take a break from it all and do something fun.  For me it was going to the King of Prussia Mall and trying on beautiful things at Lord and Taylors and getting pampered at Bare Essentials store with a mini facial and makeup application.  I am not a girly girl.  I dont wear makeup or do my hair, nails, and every other thing imaginable.  I wake up a half hour before I need to leave for work, take a five minute shower, dry my hair (it’s really long), put on my “yoga clothes” which consist of under armour sweats, grab my breakfast, lunch and dinner and run out the door.  Pampering for me is someone showing me how to enhance my look with clothes and makeup once in a while.

Today was a light day as I only had three classes instead of five.  My day consisted of a yoga class that I teach at a local community college for the students, then a private yoga with a dad and his daughter, and lastly another private yoga class with a married couple (VERY happily I might add) who are on the mend from a bad back and a broken ankle!  Normally I also have a private yoga with a Mom and her daughter in the morning and another with a Mom and her son in the late afternoon.  I have to try and reschedule them during the week.  That will be a magic trick!

I should actually charge everyone that cancels on me within 24 hours but I am a push over.  I do charge people if it is really very late (just hours before the session) or if I show up and they forgot I was coming!  It happens.  And it is annoying at times because other people can be scheduled in their place but that’s part of the job I guess.  I have to rethink my theory on not charging people if they cancel at the last minute.  I know, I know.

Have a great night.

Is anyone reading this or am I just spewing nonsense to the world?


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  1. Nici says:

    I’m reading them :)

  2. Larry says:

    Keep it up Tina I read your blog all the time!!


  3. Kris says:

    I’m reading!!! :O)

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