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A Light Day Today…I’ll Take It.

Most of my days are filled with nonstop classes and some- rarely- give me some unexpected time for myself.  Today, very out of the ordinary, I had a good portion of the middle of the day off to get some work done at home.  I made lunch for Russ and I (good idea, executed badly!), [&hellip

Class of Chaos!

Sometimes you just have a class that goes astray!  That was the case with my evening class at my studio space in New Jersey.  When you get a group of girls together that all like one another and have gossip to tell, it’s kind of hard to control.  Control it from coming out (when you [&hellip

There is Therapy in the Air

Today was one of those therapy days. I imagine that part of the problem was the nasty rain all day long- almost without stop.  I know it well as I went from one private yoga session to another soaked. Sometimes you have these days as a yoga instructor where everyone just needs to talk their [&hellip

What a beautiful day here in New Jersey!

It’s Sunday around quarter to three.  I had a lovely day already.  Got up from a “nap” that started last night at 8:30pm last night and I didn’t actually get up from that nap until around 7:30am! Eleven hours of sleep.  WOW!  I really must have needed it.  It felt great and I still feel wonderful.  [&hellip

I am feeling sad tonight.

Hello everyone.  It has been a long week and I am very happy for the sun and Friday to finally get here.  AHHHH!  Some weeks more than others are harder to get through emotionally or physically.  Depends on what’s going on.  This week was an emotional one.  Not terrible but today was a rollercoaster of [&hellip

It’s only Tuesday…hahaha

Hello to everyone out there.  It’s Tuesday night, around 10pm and I got home 1/2 hour earlier tonight then I normally do from yoga and therefore FULL of energy.  Normally I leave the house at around 7am every morning (Monday through Friday) and dont get home until about 9:30pm or around there.  It’s a really long [&hellip

On the Lighter Side

I had two private yoga cancellations today which made my day a little lighter than usual.  I actually got a chance to go shopping and buy some stuff that I have been meaning to buy but had no time to throughout my busy days.  As always, there were other things I could or should have [&hellip

It’s one hour closer to Monday.

I sit in bed, trying to feel sleepy at 10:40pm.  It feels earlier so I am trying to be productive and write in my blog.  I’m not tired.  Tomorrow starts a whole new, busy week for me.  My first private yoga canceled (mom and daughter) so I am free to get myself organized tomorrow morning [&hellip

Is it already Wednesday!

Well I am finally home after another 14 1/2 hour day of teaching yoga.  Wednesdays are fun for me because my schedule is mixed up between teaching yoga, personal training,  intro to fitness, and “boot camp.”  It’s not my normal day of teaching yoga- which is all day long in different venues to very different [&hellip

It’s Sunday already!

Hello again. I am sure everyone is watching the Emmy awards or whatever it is that is on right now.  It’s been such a beautiful day, I have been working outside- getting ready for Spring!  So, in fact, I haven’t had any time to get work done for my business until about 3pm.  I have [&hellip