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Oysters on a half shell

Oysters on a half shell

Shellfish! They are my nemesis I believe. Shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, I love them all but they don’t get along with me very well. I don’t indulge in them very often but when I do, I truly appreciate them giving their life to be enjoyed by those who partake in such extravagance. To all of my vegan friends out there, I am truly sorry. I understand what you are thinking, I was a vegan for ten years. And you and I have very good reason to be vegan after the story I am about to share.

New Years Eve was such an exciting time, as I spent it with good friends in New York City. We ate, we laughed, we watched the ball drop (from a very warm and not too crowded bar on the upper East side), and we enjoyed our time together as we all drove in a very happy new year of new beginnings. The city was bustling, as you could imagine, with couples holding each other close to keep warm from the blistering cold winds of Winter and big groups of friends briskly walking through the streets and laughing out loud as they hurried to their next engagement before the new year began. You could feel the excitement in the air, an excitement that can only be felt during this magical time of year, when you can feel the closing of an old chapter and the opening of a new one. A brand new one. This is a new chapter that hasn’t been written yet, only to wait for that metaphorical pen to hit paper to create all of those new moments. How exciting. And as the clock struck midnight, I dreamed of all the possibilities of the new year and what it had in store for me. At one o’clock my eyes closed.

Friday, New Years day I went out to dinner with Russ and friends. We had a wonderful time conversing over fabulous food at Legal Seafood in Short Hills, NJ. I was so excited, as they have an amazing selection of oysters. I was very happy to order the Kumamoto Oyster, my favorite, for an appetizer. I just ordered six. I didn’t want to overdue it. It was just enough. They have a wonderfully fresh melon flavor and when you drop some of the onion infused vinegar over them they taste like a really fresh cucumber. They are small in size and easy to eat. You can actually chew them. And they aren’t slimy so it’s hard to get grossed out. I can’t eat the big oysters-not even if they are breaded and fried! I enjoyed my Kumamoto oysters thoroughly. We had an amazing dinner and left happy and full. What a great way to start the new year.

Just a couple of days later (that following Sunday) I had a lot of grumbling in my stomach. After the weekend of eating I had over New Years, I could only assume it was my body getting very angry at me for overindulging! What I didn’t know was exactly how mad it really was. It was mad enough where I couldn’t eat for the next seven days and couldn’t keep anything in my belly if I tried, not even water! What a miserable week it was! Dehydration, pain, sleepless nights, and a permanent ring on my tushy from sitting on the bathroom toilet for so long! It wasn’t until the end of the seventh day that I could finally hold water, Gatorade and some food down! You can’t imagine how amazing it feels to be able to keep down anything when you are prepared for the worst, out of shear experience!

I am still awaiting tests but I am sure of one thing- I believe my body was trying to detox from all the rich foods I had been eating all holiday season. I believe my body had just had enough. My stomach was tired of doing all the work while I kept indulging. It decided, in this new year, to go on strike. And I don’t blame it! Shellfish are so rich and I am lactose intolerant. When you think about dairy you don’t think about shellfish but now I do. The reason why I have such a hard time with dairy products is because they are so high in fat, as are shellfish. Maybe I should also include, in my list of indulgences this past holiday season, all the decadent desserts that I consumed, as part of the problem, but I can’t bring myself to deface them.

What I have learned? It is what I always preach about, ironically, in my yoga classes. Listen to your body. When it is full, stop eating, when it is feeling slow and lethargic, think about what you are eating that may be causing that problem. Think about what stress you are under that may be making your body run inefficiently. For me, it is remembering to be careful of all the foods that are high in fat and making sure I don’t eat them too frequently. Listen to your body or it may force you to!

May you have a happy and HEALTHY New Year!

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