Buying your Seeds

Gardening Tips — By on January 1, 2010 7:30 PM

It’s time to buy your seeds for the coming year. This is the fun part- so here is a great tip to think about before you start flipping through all of those catalogs.

Try to buy seeds that originated from the country in which you live. America, for instance, has a variety of companies that offer all American seeds. The reason why it’s important to buy American if you live in the states is obvious but something you might not think about too often. The American born seeds have been tested at 33 different sites across the country, each site representing a particular climate and soil composition. Only the seeds that thrive in all 33 locations and are measurably superior to the best variety in their class will become eligible for sale. Therefore, the seeds are conditioned to grow well anywhere you live. Just go online and type in veggie or flower seeds and your country and start planning!

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