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By Kristen Ashley Russo


Beauty is anything
Beauty is everything
Beauty is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside.
Beauty is like a seed, so much life in it, though no one knows what it’s to become.

Maybe a tiny, weak shrub or a tall, strong sequoia. Or perhaps a hard, prickly cactus, or a soft, smooth, marigold. The possibilities are endless. Each is more beautiful than the next, for beauty lies beneath the needles and petals on each and every plant.

Beauty is not only found in the roots of a flower, but in people as well.
Beauty is the heart, the mind, the soul.
Beauty is both the love and despair a heart can hold on to.
Beauty is the imagination that soars farther than the mind can reach.
Beauty is the wonderful spirit that makes you unique and different from anybody else.
Beauty is the soul
Beauty is persevering and believing in yourself.
Beauty is walking away from something when you know it’s wrong.
Beauty is being a leader, not a follower.
Never forget that beauty is what you make it.
Beauty is anything
Beauty is everything

Kristen Ashley Russo is my beautiful and talented niece. She is in middle school and this is what she thinks about and writes.

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