Salad Bar Survival Guide

Eat This, Not That — By on July 1, 2009 6:00 AM

Everything looks so fresh and good for you at the salad bar – but it could be hazardous to your waist line and more!

salad* The Dressing- It’s one of the easiest ways to add way too much fat and calories to your salad. Think color. White dressings (ranch, blue cheese, caesar) -very bad. Orange dressings (french, catalina, thousand island)- a little bit better, clear dressings (oil and vinegar or vinaigrettes)- best.

* The Lettuce- Spinach, mixed green or romaine are the best bets for more vitamins and nutrients. Stay clear of iceberg lettuce, its high water content makes it a low nutrient food.

* Protein- Tuna fish or chicken (plain) as opposed to their salad form, with tons of mayo, are great choices. A hard boiled egg is also a great way to increase your protein count.

* Veggies- Most vegetables are wonderful additions to a healthy salad. Avoid or use small quantities of corn and avocado but be sure to use lots of carrots, tomatoes, chickpeas, beets, broccoli and peppers.

* Cheese- Shredded cheese is the worst to pick, as it may be easier to eat, but it is very hard to control the portion. Go for feta cheese instead. It has less sodium and calories than blue cheese and still crumbles just as well- you can portion yourself easier too. But remember, just a small amount.

And last but not least, croutons…try to avoid them, but if you must, just have a few. They are full of unsaturated fats.

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