Greening Your Baby's Nursery

Green Your Kids — By on July 1, 2009 11:00 AM

Here are some great ideas on greening your baby’s nursery.

* Peeling or chipped paint or wallpaper can be dangerous. It can hold toxins and emit them into the air. Paint the baby’s room before he or she is born with no VOC or low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint.

* Wall-to-wall carpeting is a nasty thing that retains moisture in the air as well as toxins. This can irritate your child’s respiratory system. Rip up that carpeting and install or refurbish the wood floors you have.

* Avoid a nursery room with no windows or windows that dont open if possible. Ventilation is crucial for the health of the indoor air quality.

* Heavy curtains and thickly upholstered furniture can also absorb toxins and breed allergies. Choose untreated wood furniture and wooden shutters instead.

* And make sure, of course, that the smoke detector is near your child’s room.

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