Gardening Tips — By on May 1, 2009 11:40 AM


Instead of tossing onion skins in the compost heap, spread them over your cucumber patch.  The scent will disorient squash bugs and striped cucumber beetles so they wont eat your crop! 


In fact, don’t toss them in your compost pile at all.  Worms hate onions.  The worms, which are great for compost, will actually crawl out of the heap if it has onions or other intensely acidic food particles in it.

Want to deter birds from chowing down on your garden lovelies?  Hang sliced onions from nearby trees, they don’t like the scent.
Lastly, squeeze some onion juice out of your discarded onion skins, dig the juice into your soil immediately, then water to distribute the juice.  Plant your tomatoes or any other crop that nematodes (worms) tend to favor.  It will repel them.


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