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You are hearing from everyone to eat more fish.  But do you know which kind is the healthiest? 

Wild Alaskan Salmon- EAT THIS!  with 1,253 mg of Omega-35, 18g of Protein, and low in contaminants & Environmentally friendly, this is the fish to buy.
Farmed Rainbow Trout is up there too with 838mg of Omega-35,  18g of Protein, low in contaminants and envir. friendly. 
*  Dont forget about Pacific Halibut- EAT THIS!  It has 444mg of Omega-35, 18g of Protein, is low in contaminants and environmentally friendly.
–  Chilean Sea Bass- DON’T EAT THIS!  With only 570mg of Omega-35, 16g of Protein, medium level contamination and not environmentally friendly you should pass by this very tasty fish!
–  Swordfish is another DON’T EAT THIS fish with only 701mg of Omega-35, 17g of protein, and even though it is environmentally friendly, it is HIGH in contaminants.
– Lastly, one of my favorite fish, Atlantic Cod- DON’T EAT THIS with only 166mg of Omega-35, 15g of Protein, and not environmentally friendly, it is also has medium level contaminants.


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