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Namaste- February 2009 Issue

It’s a new year and we are so happy to be sending you are next issue of Yoga Bean Magazine.  What a great issue it is, everything from oysters to tree planting, to ZINC, to Green architecture, to Niyamas!   There are always lots to learn when you read our magazine.  We hope you enjoy it.  LET US [&hellip

Back to the Basics- the Niyama of Ashtanga Yoga

By Miriam Stollar So, who remembers the five Yama? (See last issue of Yoga Bean Magazine)   No, this does not refer to the five mountains, for anyone who didn’t read the last issue of Yoga Bean, but does speak Japanese.  These are rather the five ‘Restraints,’ the first of the eight branches of the [&hellip

Journal Entry: Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009

I am sitting here in Panera Café in West Chester, PA, a new location from my usual haunt in Springfield, PA.  The Springfield location recently had a few run-ins with crime; people stealing wallets and laptops.  I thought I might find a new location to sit, have some soup and good bread, and catch up [&hellip


  Zinc is an essential element for various functions in the human body. It is necessary for the functioning of over 300 different enzymes controlling an enormous number of biological functions. It also plays a critical role in growth and wound healing. What are signs of Zinc deficiency? Slowing of growth and development, skin rash, [&hellip

Oyster (Ostrea)

Oyster (Ostrea)

  Oysters are filter feeders.  They draw plankton over the gills and eventually into the mouth with the help of little hairs called cilia.  Feeding is greatest when the water temperature is above 50 degrees F.  An oyster can filter up to five liters of water per hour.  They are an amazing filtration system for [&hellip

Back to Basics: Planting Trees & Shrubs

How hard could it be to plant a tree?  Don’t you just dig a hole and drop it in?  Well, judging from the number of poorly planted trees I see everywhere, it must be harder than most people realize.  Actually, I wouldn’t describe it as difficult at all-it just takes a little forethought and understanding [&hellip

Buildings Emit Greenhouse Gases: Older buildings and homes are the culprit

By Alix Shutello   “Why haven’t we been designing buildings to reduce energy consumption all along? Many of the green solutions should have been second nature to any good designer in the first place. It seems that this has taken a global scare to get people to use the common sense they had all along.” [&hellip