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Yoga Bean Magazine and Studios just recently showed a screening of the movie “King Corn” at our studio in Pennsylvania. This is a documentary about two graduate students that, after getting samples of their hair broken down into its molecular components and finding out it was mostly made up of corn, decide to rent an acre of land, on a farm in Iowa, and grow corn. They planted the average corn seed on their plot of land, fertilized it, and watched it grow. They realized, along their journey, that most of the corn in the United States is now used in the production of ethanol, a material used to produce gas, as well as in feed for animals. So they decide to venture off the farm and find out just where their acre of corn could potentially end up in manufacturing. They are disappointed to hear that a huge amount of corn ends up in most of our food as high fructose corn syrup (which is causing numerous health problems in children and adults), as well as exclusively in all the feed for cattle, chickens and pigs. Cattle, which were normally grass fed (their natural diet), took several years to reach a weight acceptable for consumption. Now, because cattle are exclusively fed corn, they reach slaughter weight in just over 100 days! Because of this devastating difference in the amount of time it takes for them to reach their full weight, they grow ulcers in their stomachs that create infection. Not only are ulcers painful but they will not get better unless their food habits change or they are medicated. So, in order to continue producing cattle at maximum weight in such short periods of time, they need to be shot up with antibiotics and steroids regularly. These medicines find their way into the muscle and eventually into our burgers and our bodies- all because of the diet that cattle handlers believe is the only way to meet the demand for meat and stay in business.

The two graduates walked into a food store in Iowa and were very surprised to find that 90% of what was in just one isle of food had the ingredient high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup, marketed as “natural” sugar, has been linked with obesity, heart disease, cholesterol problems, blood clots, and more. I just saw a commercial the other day on television just to promote high fructose corn syrup. Maybe, hopefully, because there is a lot of information about the negative effects of this sugar on the Internet and television lately that, manufacturers are deciding to use less of it, hence the need for the manufacturers of the this sugar to run a commercial to once again promote their product and show a better light on it and how “natural” it is.

The movie is wonderful to watch and teaches very pertinent information that we should all be aware of. Check out their website at Take their quick “Are you made of Corn?” quiz at
Anyone have any other ideas that they have done with their children that connects them with nature? Let me know. Email me at

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